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What is Practicum AI?

Welcome to the Practicum AI: Getting Started with AI Course! This course is intended to be the first in a series to teach you some tools and techniques to begin training and deploying models independently. The course can also be taken on its own to familiarize yourself with the essential concepts in Artificial Intelligence.

Let’s start with the big picture. The Practicum AI program will equip you with the tools and knowledge to execute your AI project or mission.

To achieve this goal, the Practicum AI track features a lot of technical, hands-on learning experiences. We, the Practicum AI Team, think a more important question than “What can we show you?” is, “What do you want to do? What problems or research questions interest you, and how can AI tools help?” Once you answer that, everything else falls into place. We believe the best learning happens when you have a clear goal.

So, we encourage you to think of AI—not from a technical point of view—but as a new way of answering questions, delivering services, and solving problems.

Our target audience is beginners who need more technical background and structure to get started.

Again—this program is not designed for a highly technical audience. NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Institute and other courses offer more appropriate resources if you already have a solid technical background or multiple years of programming experience.  

In this course, we will cover

Good luck!