Practicum AI: Building AI Knowledge

Presented by UF Research Computing, Practicum AI is a hands-on applied AI curriculum intended for students with limited coding and math background. Using hands-on exercises and graphically based, conceptual content, our hope is to support learners who seek to begin applied AI research.

Practicum AI

Practicum AI Beginner Series

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Getting started in AI The Practicum AI Beginner series has four modules that lead beginning learners through an introduction to AI, ethical considerations, an introduction to the Python programming language and hands-on deep learning activities. ...

Practicum AI Intermediate Series

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Keep learning AI Intended for learners who have a basic foundation in Python and AI (those that have completed the Practicum AI Beginner Series), the Practicum AI Intermediate series has six modules. These modules each focus on a particular metho...

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Online Certificate

Work toward a certification. Coming Soon!
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Latest GPU technology

Learn how to leverage the latest GPU technology.
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Jupyter Notebooks

Hands-on exercises using Jupyter Notebooks.