Practicum AI is a hands-on applied AI learning curriculum intended for beginners in AI with limited coding and math background. Our approach is to use visual and conceptual explanation, coupled with hands-on coding exercises to lead learners through a progression of content from beginner to more advanced. AI is not just for computer scientists and we seek to broaden diversity of both AI practitioners and domains where AI can be applied. Our content is open source and freely available for learners as well as instructors who may want to adapt modules for their own teaching. For those wishing to obtain certificates, the content will also be available via Coursera.


Practicum AI Beginner Series

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Getting started in AI The Practicum AI Beginner series has four modules that lead beginning lear...

Practicum AI Intermediate Series

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Keep learning AI Intended for learners who have a basic foundation in Python and AI (those that ...

FAIR Data for AI

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This module covers making data for AI/ML FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable)...