Practicum AI Philosophy

AI icon AI is for everyone! Yes, coding is required for authentic applied AI, but it doesn't take long to learn the basics that are needed--and, of course, we'll teach you!
Math icon Basic math is all that is needed! While AI is based in complex linear algebra and differential equations, a conceptual understanding is all that is required. AI research and development can certainly benefit from higher level math, but to apply AI methods, we firmly believe that modern AI frameworks (code that facilitates writing AI code) make this unnecessary, and prevent too many people from learning AI.
Art icon Images help and content should be beautiful! Throughout our curriculum, we strive to provide relevant, artistic, informative graphics to make our content digestible, visually appealing and welcoming.
Open source, reusable, flexible! Everything we make, down to this website, is open source and freely available to others to reuse in courses, training, individual learning, however you can imagine! We are also happy to reply to issues and pull requests. Building AI knowledge is our mission!

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