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Welcome to the Practicum AI: Python for AI Course!

The vast majority of hands-on artificial intelligence work is currently done using the Python programming language. As such, some understanding of Python, in particular, and computer programming, in general, is needed to apply AI successfully. That said, it is truly astounding how complex AI research can be accomplished with a few lines of code!

The content in this workshop is aimed at beginning coders who may have never programmed before. As with the rest of the Practicum AI workshops, we use Jupyter Notebooks for the learning experience. Jupyter Notebooks are an easy-to-use yet powerful tool that allows interactive coding and nicely formatted explanatory text. Much of exploratory AI research is conducted in Jupyter Notebooks, and it is easy to transfer code from Notebooks to scripts when it is time to scale up analyses.

Learning a new programming language can be a challenge. That’s why it’s important to start on the right foot. In this pre-module, we introduce you to some strategies you can use to accelerate the learning process. We present basic ideas to ensure your code performs well in a high-performance computing (HPC) environment.


  • How to Learn a Programming Language
  • Code Performance in HPC Environments


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Getting Help

GitHub Discussion board

As you’ve seen, Practicum AI uses GitHub for coding and more. GitHub has many great features to facilitate version control and coding, issue tracking, project management, community building, and documentation.

When looking for the best place to direct you to get help, the choice was easy: GitHub Discussions. Given that many of your questions are likely about code and our content on GitHub, it made sense to use the tools of GitHub to help you!

You will likely have questions, run into problems, and even find mistakes we made. We want to support you in answering those questions and fixing any issues with our content.

So, head over to the Practicum AI GitHub Discussion board and post a question or problem. Anyone can provide answers, but our staff will monitor discussions daily and be ready to help!

Go to the Practicum AI GitHub Discussion Board.

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GitHub Issues

Found a problem with our code or text? Have a suggestion for improvement? GitHub issues are a great way to let us know! You can certainly use the Discussion boards, but if you want to open an issue, that would also be great. Each repository has its own set of issues. Please find the repo, click the Issues tab, and open an issue.

Go to the Python for AI issue page.

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Good luck!