Hello World!

Our first content is live!

March 18, 2022

Today the initial versions of our two foundational courses, Practicum AI Beginner and Practicum AI Intermediate went online. The content of these courses, including Jupyter notebooks, presentations, and additional resources are in GitHub and ready for you.

Whether you are learner looking to learn AI, a teacher looking to teach AI, or just curious about what we’re doing, the content is open source and available for you!

This is just a start! To get people learning, we started with exercises from texts freely available to UF students, staff and faculty. We are working to transition those to purely our own content to make the Practicum AI experience totally open and reusable. We are also working to offer versions of these courses in Coursera, where you will be able to earn certifications. But the content will always be free!

The Practicum AI vision is to produce quality, visually oriented, graphics rich AI curricula aimed at learners with less technical background in math and coding, but wanting to apply AI technologies in authentic, hands-on exercises.